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Dave Hubbard

Dave played for the New Orleans Saints in the 1970s. After stepping out of the NFL he had a near fatal accident that led to what he calls his fitness-crisis. He was motivated to get fit again after he read an article titled, "The average lifespan of an ex NFL athlete is only 53 years of age." He beat those odds! Today, in his mid 60s, he is fit, healthy and going strong. 

Dave has been featured many times on radio and television. In 2006, he was rewarded a U.S. Patent for his unique method of exercise. He has been shaping and teaching his fit10 solution for over 30-years.  

Dave and his wife Melinda live in Marietta, Georgia and have two adult children, and three grandchildren (pictured here).

"It's far better to brush your teeth for 2-3 minutes a day, than for 45 minutes 2-3 times a month."  Dave Hubbard

Dave's near fatal accident